Hello everyone, welcome to my beauty world!

I am Lidya Natalia, Makeup Artist / Lash Artist / Beauty enthusiast from Bandung Indonesia. Actually, since little I am typically person who not really care about my appearance, skin, makeup, and cosmetic. I don’t have any skincare or makeup until I was in high school.
I am start to buy some skincare and makeup when I was in university but honestly I am just buy and apply it on my skin when I am not lazy. Hahaha..
I have dream to be a career woman before but as time passes, people change too! I am starting loves about beauty since 2016. I feel enjoy everytime when doing beauty activities. And Yeay finally I am found my life!! For me, this beauty world that I entered not just job. This is my life, my passion, and my art.

Campaign Testimoni

dr. Maria Sp.KK

(Owner Luella Clinic)

"Dari influencer yang bekerja sama dengan kita hasilnya semuanya OK dan juga banyak dari followers mereka yang ikut melihat treatment di kita. Untuk service, videonya bagus dan pelayanannya sangat ramah, kedepanya kami harap untuk di tingkatkan terus ya. "